Tuesday, April 3

Faces of Iowa Through the Early Lens

@ Old Capitol Museum

In the mid 1800s Iowa City, along with the rest of the state and nation, saw a boom in commercial studio photography. Continue reading

Fresh Check Day

@ Hubbard Park

FRESH CHECK DAY combines elements of a festive, fun, and interactive fair-like atmosphere with the importantance of campus mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and connecting students with campus support... Continue reading

National Geographic Photo Ark

@ Old Capitol Museum

The interaction between animals and their environments is the engine that keeps the planet healthy for all of us.But for many species, time is running out. Continue reading

The Kindertransport and Child Refugees f...

@ Schaeffer Hall

A Personal-Scholarly Conversation with Gerhard L.Weinberg, moderated by Lisa Heineman, Chair, History Department. Continue reading

Dine & Discover: How To Make Real Progre...

Are you an open major? Do you have a major declared but want to learn about exploring options? You are in good company! About 20 percent of students... Continue reading

Self-Care: Being Underrepresented at a P...

@ Latino Native American Cu...

Tracy Peterson will be discussing self-care and what it means to be underrepresented at a predominantly white institution (PWI).Please join in this fruitful discussion. Continue reading

Shadow Play! Puppetry Workshop

@ University of Iowa Museum...

Learn to make and move shadow puppets in this family-friendly workshop led by master puppeteers from the cast of Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic, an ambitious shadow play that... Continue reading

The i'Mpossible Project: A Suicide Preve...

@ Pappajohn Business Buildi...

Get excited because Josh Rivedal is coming to town! Josh Rivedal is an author, playwright, and mental health advocate who's here to perform his one-man play about depression and suicide. Continue reading

Student life at iowa

AJ Smith developed a diverse set of experiences through five different student organizations

April 4, 2018

AJ Smith is a freshman studying Economics with minors in Criminology, Psychology, and a Certificate in International Business. Smith also serves as a UISG senator, as well as four other student organizations on campus. The Iowa Challenge asks students to engage: get involved and be a leader.How do you Engage... Continue Reading

Nathen Spitz volunteers for the kids of Dance Marathon as Hospital Chair

February 2, 2018

Nathen Spitz is a junior studying psychology on the pre-medicine track, and serves as Hospital Co-Chair for Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a UI student organization dedicated to raising money for and supporting pediatric cancer patients and their families. Continue Reading

Working with college students perfect fit for social justice advocate

February 2, 2018

Hunter Gillaspie found academic and social support through the queer-inclusive fraternity Delta Lambda Phi

January 1, 2018

Hunter Gillaspie is a senior studying Arts and Ethics & Public Policy, and a member of Delta Lambda Phi. The Iowa Challenge asks students to stretch: learn from diverse people, ideas, and experiences.How do you Stretch at Iowa? I Stretch at Iowa by getting as involved as I can with... Continue Reading

Reese Vedder networks socially and academically through Hawkeye Marching Band

January 1, 2018

Reese Vedder is a junior studying Marketing and Mass Communications, and a trombone player with the Hawkeye Marching Band. The Iowa Challenge asks students to engage: get involved and be a leader.How do you Engage at Iowa?I play trombone and I am a squad leader for the Hawkeye Marching Band. Continue Reading