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Pay Attention! The Art & Science of Focus — An Obermann Conversation

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 4:00 PM
Location: A, Iowa City Public Library

Please join us for this free, public Obermann Conversation about attention and focus. We are living in the age of distractability. Understanding how our brains attend and focus, as well as what we can do to cultivate attention is necessary for our effectiveness and happiness. 

Shawn Vecera's (Psychological and Brain Sciences) overarching work attempts to understand the basic yet complex mechanisms of attention and perception. An example of his lab’s ongoing work pertains to situations in which we are distracted by items that are completely irrelevant to our ongoing behavior.

Fannie Hungerford is a yoga teacher and longtime meditator who helps UI students and others to better understand their own mental processes and learn tools to help befriend and control them.

Raud Kashef is a committed Iowa climber (a seemingly paradoxical identity!) who knows firsthand the need to be able turn on and maintain absolute concentration.

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