Strength in Numbers General Meeting

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: #214, CRC @ Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)

Are you a student that has been affected by substance abuse or is in recovery? Are you interested in creating memorable connections with other students without the use of alcohol or other drugs?

Strength in Numbers is a student organization at the University of Iowa dedicated to creating an inclusive community that promotes social activities and events that do not involve drugs or alcohol.  The mission of Strength in Numbers is not to discourage individuals from using substances but rather to offer alternatives for students to connect with their peers. Email if you have any questions.

Please join us for our first official meeting of the semester, drink some delicious hot chocolate, and play some games! If you can't join us then, below are our upcoming meetings:

February 15th in Room 214 of the IMU @ 4:30PM  – Pizza and Movie/Show Viewing

March 15th in Room 214 of the IMU @ 4:30PM  – Ice Cream Social and Event TBA

April 19th in Room 214 of the IMU @ 4:30PM  – Healthy Snacks and Relaxation Activities

May 3rd in Room 214 of the IMU @ 4:30PM - TBA

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