Live from Prairie Lights: Julie Boatman Filucci

7:00 PM

Location: Second floor @ Prairie Lights Books

Iowa City native Julie Boatman Filucci will read from and talk about her book Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story. From the author of Together We Fly: Voices From The DC-3 comes an exploration into the life of Donald Wills Douglas, founder of the Douglas Aircraft Company, a genius innovator and engineer.

What inspired Douglas to envision a commercial airliner when aviation was in its infancy? What motivated him, and what key elements to his leadership style led the Douglas Aircraft Company to success? What secret came to light that likely contributed to the downward spiral of that same business?

Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story brings into sharp focus a facet of a momentous time in world history, illuminated by one man's drive to make the skies available to all.

Filucci is a flight instructor, technical writer, and curriculum developer. She holds an airline transport pilot certificate with a Douglas DC-3 type rating, and lives near Aurora, Colorado.

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