Live from Prairie Lights: Thomas Fox Averill

7:00 PM

Location: Second floor @ Prairie Lights Books

Thomas Fox Averill will read from his novel Found Documents from the Life of Nell Johnson Doerr. Told entirely through fictional journals, letters, photos, drawings, notes, and clippings, Found Documents follows Nell’s life in Lawrence, Kansas, between 1854 and 1889, where she first discovers fossils her house’s foundation.  

“Averill has a remarkable facility for expressing wisdom in the simplest of language. Indeed, sincerity—in both language and feeling—is a signature feature of this unique historical novel." —Catherine Browder

Thomas Fox Averill is the author of Rode, Secrets of the Tsil Café: A Novel with Recipes, and A Carol Dickens Christmas: A Novel. He received an O. Henry Award for short fiction. He lives in Topeka, Kansas.

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