Live from Prairie Lights: Michael Martone and Donald Morrill

7:00 PM

Location: Second floor @ Prairie Lights Books

Michael Martone will read from Brooding: Aria, Choruses, Lullabies, Follies, Dirges, and a Duet.

“At once erudite and plainspoken, Brooding draws us in with Martone’s wry curiosity...This quirky, enlightening book will have you thinking differently about everything from hats to railroads to coffee to Captain Kangaroo. What a treat.” —Valerie Miner

Martone is also the author of The Flatness and Other Landscapes, Racing in Place, Four for a Quarter, The Blue Guide to Indiana, and Michael Martone. He has edited a dozen books, including A Place of Sense and Townships, published by the University of Iowa Press. He lives in Tuscaloosa and teaches at the University there.

"With his debut novel, Donald Morrill shows that prose and poetry can become indistinguishable on the page just as beauty and tragedy are often indistinguishable in our lives. This is a punchy, finely written novel driven by a fierce determination to condense our humanity to the written word." —Wiley Cash

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