Live from Prairie Lights: Sands Hall

7:00 PM

Location: Second floor @ Prairie Lights Books

Sands Hall will read from her new memoir, Flunk. Start.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology.

"Sands Hall's transcendent memoir, Flunk. Start., describes, with precise and utterly absorbing detail, her experience in the world of Scientology. But this is also a story that explores so many issues--how language is used to both illuminate and obscure, how we long for connection and meaning; it's also a vivid portrait of how we find a place in our family and find a path through chaos. I could not put down this book." —Karen E. Bender

Sands Hall is the author of a novel, Catching Heaven, and a book on writing, Tools of the Writer’s Craft. She teaches at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival and the Community of Writers, Squaw Valley. Hall lives in Nevada City.

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